Too often we read or hear about Africa in negative terms, not to mention the news in television or print media. This is not only unfair but unreal, because the dominant view of the continent ignores an important part of the reality.

This blog is about Africa from another point of view: positive, respectful, passionate… and with plenty of humour and love. All you find here are personal stories about my experiences in/with Africa, with my own original texts and pictures.

This is a blog written first in Catalan (because this is my mother language) and now in Spanish, but you can easily translate it into English or other languages by means of different Explorer tools such us Firefox, Google Chrome, and others (nevertheless, I wouldn’t trust the results too much…)

I hope you will enjoy it and can share my love for Africa. Feel free to contribute your comments.

Ahsante, Abaraka, Agpé, Amassaguenaló, Jërejëf, Nassom, Akiba, Matondo…




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